Chinese Zodiac Sign Meanings

The Chinese Zodiac is composed of 12 different animal signs. Which group you fall into depends on your birth date. Many people believe that people who are compatible with one another share compatible Zodiac signs. While it is impossible to confirm nor deny this, many people still hold the Zodiac and its 12 signs to a very high regard.
There are a total of 12 Chinese Zodiac signs, each of which relates to a different animal. Below is a list of the animal signs, and their associated personalities and attitudes.

Determining which sign is yours can be a difficult task, and would require more than this article could hold, you can get live online zodiac psychic readings where they go into a lot more detail.. While a person may have been born in the year of the Rat, they may also be a Dog and a Dragon as well, due to the fact that there are animal signs associated with month, as well as hours in the day. 

  • Rat: Tenacious and intense, those who were born in the year of the rat are hardworking, charming, and sensitive. The rat can also be vindictive, manipulative, critical and over ambitious. 

  • Ox: The ox is dependable and calm, is patient and very hardworking. The ox can also be stubborn, narrow-minded, and materialistic.

  • Tiger: Colorful and rebellious, impulsive and passionate. The tiger may also be aggressive and moody.

  • Rabbit: The rabbit can be a gracious good friend, soft-spoken and amiable. However the rabbit may also be self-indulgent and stubborn.

  • Dragon: The dragon is can be a strong, self-assured intellectual. The dragon may also be demanding, dogmatic, violent, or brash.

  • Snake: The snake is a deep-thinker, soft-spoken and sensual. At the same time, a Snake may be self-doubting and distrustful.

  • Horse: Always cheerful and popular, the Horse may also be childish and anxious, rude, gullible or stubborn.

  • Sheep: The Sheep is righteous and sincere, mild-mannered and sympathetic. She Sheep may be indecisive, pessimistic, or a complainer.

  • Monkey: The Monkey is improvisational, quick-witted and inquisitive. The Monkey may also be snobbish and deceptive.

  • Rooster: The Roost is neat and meticulous, self-assured and decisive. The Rooster can also be very opinionated.

  • Dog: The Dog is straightforward and loyal, and always intelligent. The Dog may also be lazy, cold or judgmental.

  • Pig: The Pig is honest, gallant, sturdy and sociable. The Pig may also be over-reliant and self-indulgent.